PeekBrooklyn offers the finest collection of cute tights, stockings, unique leggings and thigh-highs and carries everything from basic fishnet stockings to opaque pantyhose. And let’s not forget it is getting cold out there – perfect timing for fleece lined leggings.

We carry tights from 120 denier to 10 denier. PeekBrooklyn offers a wide selection of Cool Patterned Tights, from the hottest House of Holland Super Suspenders to Anna Sui Colorful Opaque Tights, and the coolest selection of Jonathan Aston Tights outside of the UK. PeekBrooklyn will keep your legs on trend with the current season’s selection of Tights!

Based out of Brooklyn, New York, there is no waiting for international shipments, and we are always available to offer expert advice whenever you need it…Happy Shopping!